Sithy, Operations Manager

Sithy is responsible for making sure that all operations are running smoothly, she ensures deadlines are able to be met. She helps to improve organizational processes and ensures that her team has what they need to thrive. Sithy works with her team to see that evaluations, upskilling, legal and financial documents are up-to-date and operational.

Shuly, Product Development Manager

Shuly creates patterns for our new designs and manages development of samples before they are put into full production. She coordinates all levels of garment creation and provides technical solutions as well as oversees the full production team in both locations. She keeps planning and shipment control on track. 

Serhat, R&D Product Development Manager

Serhat started working with Outland Denim in 2018. Leading the design and development of our denim wash recipes, Serhat creatively brings to life the vision of our design team, while ensuring our wash processes align with our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing. When he's not experimenting in creating new Outland Denim washes and effects, he is passing down his 9 years of experience and expertise by training our growing team in the art of denim finishing. Serhat has worked with ISKO Martelli between in 2010-2018 as a Product Development Engineer. 

SeangHorng, Operating assistant

SeangHorng makes sure the production manager has all the necessary information for production from the design team in Australia. She arranges all transport paperwork and communication between our cut and sew faculty and wash house. She keeps our teams both in Australia and in Cambodia in the loop, fielding questions in both directions about tech packs and production-related content. She is also in contact with suppliers and overseas our inventory supply. 

Sokkieng, Administration and Logistics Manager

Sokkieng organizes all of our import and export paperwork and schedules overseas shipments to get our products out to where our customers can purchase them. She also assists the production at the wash house in Phnom Penh and ensures that the facility stays fine-tuned and operational. 

Theary, Production Manager

Theary directly monitors all of the production from cutting to finishing and makes sure our styles are being made on schedule. She trains her teams according to the new design specs and follows up throughout production to make sure her teams are on target. She is always looking for ways to be more efficient and yet maintain our standard of quality.

Sopheak, Office Assistant

Sopheak assists our management team at the Cut and Sew Facility with administration, data entry and anything else set before her.

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