With fashion being one of the top 5 most exploitative industries transparency has never been more important for apparel manufacturers than right now.

The industry relies on audits, site visits and certification programs to evaluate the practices of supply chain members. But while these programs are valuable and necessary, they provide information on only one snapshot in time, and therefore are only one piece of the overall accountability puzzle.

The industry has recognised the inadequacy of audits, site visits and certification programs, to accurately identify and respond to human rights violations. With travel restrictions currently in place, businesses must think outside the box for new solutions to assure due diligence is undertaken for their supply chain. This is where 24/7 Transparency by Floor and Field comes in.

Floor and Field’s world first 24/7 Transparency technology meet the highest level of veracity for compliance with anti-slavery laws, as well as providing environmental, safety, and efficiency benefits. This technology was installed in the MAEKA production facilities earlier this year and provides us with instant insight into areas to improve safety measures, detailed data on environmental impact, and offers a new level of accountability to ensure employee rights are upheld. 

Even with frequent trips to our facilities pre-covid, we’ve found that this technology has provided more consistent monitoring and a higher level of transparency for our brand and stakeholders. The data can not be manipulated at any stage avoiding any form of ‘greenwashing’ heightening our accountability and transparency far beyond what is possible from traditional audit processing. MAEKA continues to ensure that our staff’s privacy is paramount and that the program does not use controversial methods such as facial recognition.

For our manufacturing clients, this is a huge benefit. We’re proud to offer this to our clients who will benefit from the increased consumer trust that comes with real measurable impact.

It has never been so important to know where and by whom and how your clothes are being made. With Floor and Field’s 24/7 Transparency technology, you can have confidence in your product.

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